Aim of the competition

To promote athletics in Latvia and Baltics.

Place, time:

Jānis Daliņš Stadium, Valmiera, Latvia, 31st of july - 1st of august 2015.

July 31st:

 meeting of team representatives in Jānis Daliņš Stadium, 15:00
 beginning of the competition, 16:00
 opening ceremony, 20:00

August 1st:

 beginning of the competition, 09:45

Management of the competition:

The competition is being organized by Vidzeme Olympic Centre in collaboration with Latvian Athletics Association and Chancery of the President of Latvia. The competition is being managed by board of judges that has been approved by Latvian Athletics Association. The competition is being organized based on IAAF rules.


National teams from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.
Participation allowed for athletes that are 16 years of age or older.
Team can declare two participants in discipline and one relay team for each relay. One participant in discipline has to be in U-23 age group.
Individual participants in the competition shall be admitted in accordance with the rating of the discipline.

Equipment control:

Control (weighing, measuring) of the personal equipment of participants in throwing disciplines has to be carried out at the place of the competition no later than one hour before the start of the competition.

Programme of disciplines:

July 31

16:00Hammer ThrowMen
16:00Shot PutMen / Boys
16:00Triple jumpGirls
16:20High JumpBoys
16:30100 mWomen
17:00Javelin ThrowWomen / Girls
17:05Triple jumpWomen
17:05400 m hurdlesMen
17:15400 m hurdlesWomen
17:25800 mGirls
17:35800 mWomen
17:35Pole vaultGirls
17:35High JumpMen
18:001500 mBoys
18:101500 mMen
18:20Long JumpMen / Boys
18:20Javelin ThrowMen / Boys
18:303000 m steeplechaseWomen
18:45Pole vaultWomen
19:005000 mMen
19:20400 mGirls
19:25400 mBoys
19:30400 mWomen
19:35400 mMen
20:00 Opening ceremony
20:504 x 100 m RelayWomen
20:554 x 100 m RelayMen

August 1

9:30Hammer ThrowMen
10:305000 m walkWomen
10:3010 000 m walkMen
11:00Discus ThrowWomen / Girls
11:00High JumpGirls
11:00Triple jumpBoys
11:30300 m hurdlesBoys
11:40300 m hurdlesGirls
12:10High JumpWomen
12:20Triple jumpMen
12:251500 mWomen
12:35Disc throwMen / Boys
12:40100 m hurdlesWomen
12:55100 m hurdlesGirls
13:20800 mBoys
13:30800 mGirls
13:30Pole vaultBoys
13:40Long JumpWomen / Girls
13:45110 m hurdlesMen
14:00110 m hurdlesBoys
14:15Shot PutWomen / Girls
14:20200 mBoys
14:40Pole vaultMen
14:553000 m / steeplechaseMen
15:40100 + 200 + 300 + 400 mGirls
15:45100 + 200 + 300 + 400 mBoys
15:554 x 400 m RelayWomen
16:054 x 400 m RelayMen
16:15 Prizes ceremony


Each participant can participate in 2 disciplines and 1 relay, or in 2 relays and 1 individual discipline. The score of the team in each discipline is counted by taking points of one best participats score and total earned points in relay.

Scoring scale:

In national ranking all participants from a team receive points for their results: 1st place – 7 points, 2nd place – 5 points, 3rd place – 4 points, 4th place – 3 points, 5th place – 2 points, 6th place – 1 point. In relays: 1st place – 6 points, 2nd place – 4 points, 3rd place – 2 points. The team that has the most points is announced to be the winning team. If there is an even number of points for more than one team, the winning team is the team that has the most number of first places, then second places or third places.

Medal ceremonies:

During the competition five (5) prizes of the State President of the Republic of Latvia are awarded:
• Three (3) prizes for the 1st-3rd place in team standing.
• Two (2) prizes for the best individual performance (one for men and one for women) according to scoring tables of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

The winners in each discipline will receive a money prize:

AchievementPrize money
1st place in Individual event50 €
1st place in Individual event with result of A standard1000 €
1st place in relay event for team200 €
2nd place in Individual event with result of A standard750 €
2nd place in relay event for team150 €
3rd place in Individual event with result of A standard500 €
3rd place in relay event for team100 €
1st place in Individual event with result of B standard700 €
2nd place in Individual event with result of B standard500 €
3rd place in Individual event with result of B standard300 €
Owerall best results in man and woman ranking according to scoring tables of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)1500 €

Organizing and financing conditions:

Vidzeme Olympic Centre provides a sports base, finances work of a maintenance service, organizes printing works and cultural programme.

Latvian Athletics Association ensures judging of the competition and helps to provide technical equipment for the competition.

Chancery of the President of Latvia provides 5 sports cups.

Arrival costs of participants to the location of the competition, food and accommodation costs are paid by the commanding organization – local government represented by the respective athlete.


The entry form for the competition has to be sent to e-mail: till 15:00 o`clock on 28th of july 2015.
You will be able to make the last changes on the first day of the competition, till 14:00 o`clock, 31st of july 2015.

Attachment No. 1

A Standard B StandardA StandardB Standard
10.1810.24100 m11.29 11.38
20.5520.65200 m23.1023.30
45.2545.70400 m51.5052.30
1:45.601:46.30800 m1:59.902:01.30
3:35.603:38.001500 m4:06.004:08.90
13:20.0013:27.005000 m15:15.0015:25.00
8:23.108:32.003000 m steeplechase9:43:009:48.00
13.5213.60110 m hurdles / 100 m hurdles12.9613.15
49.5049.80400 m hurdles55.4056.55
2.312.28High Jump1.951.92
5.725.60Pole Vault4.504.40
8.208.10Long Jump6.756.65
17.2016.85Triple Jump14.3014.10
20.5020.00Shot Put18.3517.30
65.0063.00Discus Throw62.0059.50
78.0074.00Hammer Throw71.5069.00
82.0079.50Javelin Throw61.5059.00

Competition Results

Šķēpa mešana, JT (vīrieši)

1.LATRolands Štrobinders83.10
2.ESTTanel Laanmäe77.77
3.ESTRisto Mätas76.37

Šķēpa mešana, JT (Sievietes)

1.LATLīna Mūze58.02
2.LATSinta Ozoliņa- Kovala56.96
3.LTUIndrė Jakubaitytė56.62

100 m (Vīrieši)

1.LTUKostas Skrabulis10.66
2.LATRonalds Arājs10.71
3.LTUUgnius Savickas10.75

Tāllēkšana, LJ (Vīrieši)

1.LATElvijs Misāns7.91
2.ESTMihkel Saks7.58
3.ESTHenrik Kutberg7.57

Tāllēkšana, LJ (Sievietes)

1.LATLauma Grīva6.53
2.LATAiga Grabuste6.52
3.UZBYulia Tarasova6.43