Brief History of the Past 17 „State President’s Prizes in Athletics”

On 15th July 1995 history of currently the most popular athletics competition started in Valmiera, in „Jānis Daliņš” stadium. Since then 17 annual competitions have been organised. All these years there has been a constant competition format – teams from historical and cultural regions of Latvia (Vidzeme, Zemgale, Kurzeme and Latgale), as well as the teams from the capital city – Rīga. At the end of the competition the state president awards three prizes – individually for the best male and female athlete (according to IAAF scoring table), as well as for the best team.

15th-16th July 1995
37 disciplines
In the first event of State President’s Prize in Athletics the winners were Guntis Peders – 110 m hurdles (13.86) and Anita Liepiņa – 5000 m walk (22:11.1, new national record). As for teams the prize went to Rīga team (169 points). Runners up – Latgale team (119 points).
Since 1995 the best results are: Sergejs Inšakovs – 100 m (10.35); Aleksandrs Prokopčuks – 5000 m (14:25.21); Andris Smočs – discus throw (56.58 m), and Oman team – 4x100 relay (40.74). In 1995, in Valmiera, sprinters from Oman were preparing for world championships in Sweden, in Gothenburg. At that time the result of Oman team was also a new national record.

5th-6th July 1996
39 disciplines
For the first time two new disciplines were included – pole vault and hammer throw for women.
Individually the best results were shown by Igors Kazanovs – 110 m hurdles (13.7) and Jeļena Blaževiča – triple jump (14.10 m). Result of J.Blaževiča still is a record of the “President’s Prize” competition. As for teams, again, the prize was acquired by Rīga team (this is done in all 17 competition events!). Two Latvian records were beaten – Skaidrīte Baikova – hammer throw (39.12 m), Elīna Ringa – pole vault (2.90 m).

4th-5th July 1997
For the second time both individual prizes went to Guntis Peders – 110 m hurdles (13.54) and Jeļena Blaževiča – triple jump (13.94 m). New Latvian record in pole vault – Elīna Ringa (3.20 m). Result achieved by Egīls Tēbelis in 800 m run remains – 1:46.99.

17th-18th July 1998
Both individual prizes went to athletes whose achieved results remain unbeaten to this day: Aigars Fadejevs – 10000 m walk (39:17.8, new Latvian record) and Anita Trumpe – 100 m hurdles (13.0). Additional two Latvian records were beaten by Jolanta Dukure – 5000 m walk (21:32.5) and Dace Dzalbe – hammer throw (40.08 m). Since 1998 record list of “President’s Prize” includes the following results: Staņislavs Olijars – 110 m hurdles (13.50); Egīls Tēbelis – 400 m hurdles (50.52); Mārtiņš Alksnis – 3000 m steeplechase (8:53.89); Aleksandrs Matusēvičs – pole vault (5.40 m); Vladimirs Maļavins from Russia – long jump (7.82 m); Māris Bružiks – triple jump (16.29 m) and Jekaterina Kuļikova from Russia – 200 m (23.98).

2nd-3rd July 1999
For the third time individual prize was won by Guntis Peders – 110 m hurdles (13.76), but for the first time by Jolanta Dukure – 5000 m walk (21:33.4). Since 1999 record list of “President’s Prize” includes the result by Vidzeme team in 4x400 m relay for men (3:15.49).

14th-15th July 2000
Winners of both individual prizes were won by Staņislavs Olijars who still holds Latvian record; his result was 13.54 (110 m hurdles), while among women her first prize was received by Irēna Žauna – 400 m hurdles (56.40). Three from results achieved in 2000 are still in the record list of “President’s Prize”: Jeļena Prokopčuka – 1500 m (4:13.99); Jolanta Dukure – 5000 m walk (21:24.34) and Līga Kļaviņa – high jump (1.89 m).

6th-7th July 2001
Both individual prizes were awarded to walkers: Aivars Kadaks – 10000 m walk for men (41:25.98) and Jolanta Dukure – 5000 m walk for women (22:06.71). The record list of “President’s Prize” still includes result of Zemgale women’s team (including Ieva Zunde) – in 4x400 m relay (3:45.16).

5th-6th July 2002
Second year in a row both individual prizes went to walkers. This was the first year when distances for walkers were longer. The best results were shown by Modris Liepiņš – 20 km walk for men (1:24.20) and Jolanta Dukure – 10 km walk for women (45:40). This was the third individual prize for Jolanta.

27h-28th July 2003
For the second time Aigars Fadejevs received individual prize for 20 km walk (1:25.28), while for Ieva Zunde this was the first prize in 400 m hurdles (55.8). Ieva was also the winner of 800 m run (2:02.9) and together with 400 m hurdles these two results are still records of „President’s Prize”. I.Zunda also received a third winning medal for 4x400 m relay for women as participant of Zemgale team. Inna Poluškina – 3000 m run (8:56.1) holds a record of „President’s Prize” as well. New Latvian record in hammer throw was achieved by Vaira Godmane – her hummer crossed 50 metres border for the first time (50.18 m).

9th-10th July 2004
This was the 10th anniversary of the „President’s Prize” competition. Individual winners: Dmitrijs Milkevičš – 800 m (1:47.33) and Ieva Zunda – 400 m without hurdles (52.32). Ieva’s result remains unbeaten in the „President’s Prize” competition. The same applies to achievements of Lithuanian athlete Rasa Austīte – shot put (14.31 m).

6th-7th July 2005
This was the first year when a javelin thrower received the prize: Ainārs Kovals (79.43 m). Among women the individual prize went to Ieva Zunda for the third time – 400 m without hurdles (52.42). Ieva was able to become a winner also in 400 m hurdles, as well as she helped team Zemgale in 4x400 m relay for women. Best result of the competition in discus throw is still owned by Dace Ruskule (55.68 m).

2nd-3rd July 2006
2nd individual prize for javelin thrower Ainārs Kovals (84.81 m) and 4th (!!!) individual prize for Ieva Zunda in 400 m hurdles (58.20). A record of the “President’s Prize” competition was achieved by Normunds Pūpols – high jump (2.16 m). This record remains unbeaten to this day.

6th-7th July 2007
Third prize for the first-time Olympic vice champion in javelin throw Vadims Vasiļevskis (82.96 m). Already 5th (!!!) individual prize for Ieva Zunda – 400 m hurdles (58.46). New Latvian record in hammer throw for Vaira Kumermane-Godmane (58.59 m) that remains the best result of the “President’s Prize” competition.

18th-19th July 2008
For the first time the prize went to a shot-putter – Māris Urtāns (20.27 m) that is still the best achievement of the competition. Ieva Zunda managed to win individual prize for the 6th (and unfortunately, for the last) time – 400 m hurdles (56.34) that is a unique and a hard-to-beat achievement.

3rd-4th July 2009
This was the first year when a long jumper received the prize: Jānis Leitis (7.65 m). After a longer pause an individual prize went to a walker – Agnese Pastare in 5000 m walk (22:08.44). Among the best results of the “President’s Prize” competition the result by Ildze Bortaščenoka – pole vault (3.85 m).

16th-17th July 2010
This year brought 2nd individual prize for both Māris Urtāns (shot put, 20.24 m) and Agnese Pastare (5000 m walk, 21:53.25). Three winners of 2010 competition remain the best – Līna Grinčikaite (Lithuania, 100 m, 11.48), Lithuanian sprinters (4x100 m relay for women, 44.91) and Sinta Ozoliņa-Kovale (javelin throw, 60.08 m).

10th-11th June 2011
In the 17th (currently the last) „President’s Prize” competition that was organized according to the old format, individual prizes went to Igors Sokolovs – hammer throw (76.29 m), and Lauma Grīva – long jump (6.86 m). Both results are included in the record list of “President’s Prize”. Records were achieved also by Elvijs Misāns – 200 m (20.91), Jānis Leitis – 400 m (46.46), and Dmitrijs Jurkevičs – 1500 m (3:43.25).

Some Interesting and Unique historical facts and figures of the “President’s Prize” Competition

IEVA ZUNDA Has managed to win the prize for six times, has 18 individual victories plus has helped her team Zemgale to win 11 times in 4x100 m relay and 4x400 m relay. Owner of four records of the “President’s Prize” competition: 400 m (52.32); 800 m (2:02.9); 400 m hurdles (55.8) and 4x400 m (3:45.16).

Winner of 13 different running disciplines: Mārtiņš Alksnis;
11 victories – Jeļena Čelnova-Prokočuka and Māris Urtāns (shot put and discus throw);
10 victories – Egīls Tēbelis
9 victories – Valentīna Gotovska (long jump and high jump)
8 victories – Sergejs Inšakovs (sprint); Inguns Svikliņš, Inna Poluškina and Elīna Ringa.
7 victories owned by 5 athletes; 6 victories – by 8 athletes and 5 victories – by 9 athletes.

Competition Results

Šķēpa mešana, JT (vīrieši)

1.LATRolands Štrobinders83.10
2.ESTTanel Laanmäe77.77
3.ESTRisto Mätas76.37

Šķēpa mešana, JT (Sievietes)

1.LATLīna Mūze58.02
2.LATSinta Ozoliņa- Kovala56.96
3.LTUIndrė Jakubaitytė56.62

100 m (Vīrieši)

1.LTUKostas Skrabulis10.66
2.LATRonalds Arājs10.71
3.LTUUgnius Savickas10.75

Tāllēkšana, LJ (Vīrieši)

1.LATElvijs Misāns7.91
2.ESTMihkel Saks7.58
3.ESTHenrik Kutberg7.57

Tāllēkšana, LJ (Sievietes)

1.LATLauma Grīva6.53
2.LATAiga Grabuste6.52
3.UZBYulia Tarasova6.43