Organizers Looking Forward to Several World Championship Qualification Norms

Organizers Looking Forward to Several World Championship Qualification Norms

Photo: Juris Bērziņš - Soms

Organizers of the „State President’s Prize in Athletics” hope that this year athletes will manage to meet several qualification norms for the 2013 Moscow World Championship in Athletics that will take place in August. In future it is planned to make the „State President’s Prize in Athletics” more attractive for international athletes.

This year for the second time the “State President’s Prize in Athletics” will have its new format – competition among national teams from three Baltic countries. In this format athletes are competing in individual disciplines, as well as collecting points for the team overall standings.

In 2013 the “State President’s Prize in Athletics” is being organized for the 19th time. Last year in national ranking gold went to Latvian team, followed by Lithuanian team and Estonian team respectively.

This year organizers have put the main emphasis on summoning national team because this competition is one of the last where it is possible to qualify for the World Championship in Athletics. The plan to attract internationally recognized athletes will be implemented next year when Jānis Daliņš stadium will experience major reconstruction works.

The competition will summon the best javelin throwers both in men and women competition except for Zigismunds Sirmais who has decided to participate in Diamond League in Monaco. From the best Latvian athletes we will be able to meet heptathlete Laura Ikauniece who will participate in individual disciplines, long jumpers Elvijs Misāns and Jānis Leitis, Māra Grīva and Santa Matule, and many others.

Latvia will be represented by almost all existing and potential World Championship participants. Organizers are looking forward to at least other three or four athletes who will manage to meet World Championship qualification norms here in Valmiera.

This competition will be a comeback for heptathlete Aiga Grabuste who is returning after having a baby and will participate in shot put discipline.

“Valmiera is one of the few places in Latvia where athletics is still respected and supported. Sometimes I have a feeling that our city has far too many opportunities for doing sports, at the same time all gyms are fully occupied. We have a new generation of athletes in all sport disciplines” expressed Inesis Boķis, head of the Valmiera City Municipality.

Mr.Boķis revealed that in the nearest future there will be major reconstruction and expansion works in Vidzeme Olympic Centre and its vicinity. Together with a new swimming pool and an indoors BMX track it is planned to partly reconstruct Jānis Daliņš stadium.

Organizers have prepared money awards for winners in each discipline, but the most valuable prize money in the amount of EUR 1500 will be awarded to the best individual performance in men and women competition.

According to competition format, there will be competition among national teams from three Baltic countries for State President’s Prize in team overall standings. In each discipline two athletes from a national team will compete by collecting points for the team overall standings. However, competition regulations state that more than two athletes, as well as athletes from other countries can participate in a single discipline. Yet these athletes will not participate in the competition among Baltic national teams – they will compete for individual money awards that will be granted for showing best individual performance in respective disciplines.

Parallel to the “State President’s Prize in Athletics” visitors will be able to participate in “Valmiera Active” – competitions and sport activities in around 20 disciplines where it will be possible to discover new disciplines, as well as to participate in traditional ones.

Source: LETA

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Competition Results

Šķēpa mešana, JT (vīrieši)

1.LATRolands Štrobinders83.10
2.ESTTanel Laanmäe77.77
3.ESTRisto Mätas76.37

Šķēpa mešana, JT (Sievietes)

1.LATLīna Mūze58.02
2.LATSinta Ozoliņa- Kovala56.96
3.LTUIndrė Jakubaitytė56.62

100 m (Vīrieši)

1.LTUKostas Skrabulis10.66
2.LATRonalds Arājs10.71
3.LTUUgnius Savickas10.75

Tāllēkšana, LJ (Vīrieši)

1.LATElvijs Misāns7.91
2.ESTMihkel Saks7.58
3.ESTHenrik Kutberg7.57

Tāllēkšana, LJ (Sievietes)

1.LATLauma Grīva6.53
2.LATAiga Grabuste6.52
3.UZBYulia Tarasova6.43