Valmiera Will Host the 20th State President’s Prize in Athletics

Valmiera Will Host the 20th State President’s Prize in Athletics

Foto: Juris Bērziņš - Soms

This summer on July 18 and July 19 the „State President’s Prize in Athletics” will be held for the 20th time in Valmiera, Jānis Daliņš stadium where national teams from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will compete by collecting points for the team overall standings. In order to celebrate the anniversary of the competition, its organizers have planned a luxurious opening ceremony with participation of the President of Latvia Andris Bērziņš and a Latvian music band “Jumprava”.

Winner of the 19th „State President’s Prize in Athletics” in 2013 was the national team from Estonia that managed to finish slightly ahead of Latvian team, while Lithuanian team finished in the third place. The best individual result among men was achieved by Estonian Olympic and World champion Gerd Kanter in discus throw (64.56 m). Latvian athlete Agnese Pastare managed to set a new Latvian record in 5000 m walk (21:03.15), thus winning the State President’s Prize in women competition.

This summer Valmiera will host the international competition for the 20th time, therefore organizers expect national teams from the Baltic states with participation of the best possible athletes that would further achievement of high results. There will be two competition days – on July 18 and July 19. On Friday, most of the intrigue is expected from the javelin throw competition, as well as from 100 m sprint race and 4 x 100 m relay. The first day will be concluded by the opening ceremony with participation of the President of Latvia, as well as exciting performances by various artists. Saturday morning will start with 5000 m and 10 000 m walks. Winners of the “State President’s Prize in Athletics” are likely to be known after 4 x 400 m relays for men and women that are the closing events for the competition.

The “State President’s Prize in Athletics” is the largest competition among the Baltic countries that has always attracted large numbers of sports fans. Along with the main competition, visitors will be able to participate in various sports activities both in the stadium, and its vicinity.

All the latest information about the “State President’s Prize in Athletics” is available on the official website of the competition:

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Competition Results

Šķēpa mešana, JT (vīrieši)

1.LATRolands Štrobinders83.10
2.ESTTanel Laanmäe77.77
3.ESTRisto Mätas76.37

Šķēpa mešana, JT (Sievietes)

1.LATLīna Mūze58.02
2.LATSinta Ozoliņa- Kovala56.96
3.LTUIndrė Jakubaitytė56.62

100 m (Vīrieši)

1.LTUKostas Skrabulis10.66
2.LATRonalds Arājs10.71
3.LTUUgnius Savickas10.75

Tāllēkšana, LJ (Vīrieši)

1.LATElvijs Misāns7.91
2.ESTMihkel Saks7.58
3.ESTHenrik Kutberg7.57

Tāllēkšana, LJ (Sievietes)

1.LATLauma Grīva6.53
2.LATAiga Grabuste6.52
3.UZBYulia Tarasova6.43